Behind the Artists Inspiration:
“While on a photography trip to Africa, we stopped at Walvis bay to watch the flamingos feed.”
From the Brand Owner:
The artist behind this photograph was on an adventure to Africa and took over 3000 pictures of the incredible animals she was able to witness in their natural habitat. She photographed elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hyenas… but when I saw her photographs of the flamingoes, I instantly fell in love. You might be wondering why they are not as pink as others, here’s why: The pink colouring you see in Flamingo’s comes from the crustaceans. If they do not get enough to eat, they will lose the pink pigmentation and their feathers will only be white. How amazing! This knowledge is the reason why I felt so attracted to the picture, a flair of curiosity that paid off. What an amazing shot and I am so grateful to have this be a part of the KOUSa line!
*Royalty is paid to the artist every time this design is purchase.
Copyright owned by Dawn Sulyma Smith, CANADA
Instagram: @dssphotographylandscape
Location of Photograph: Walvis bay, Namibia, Africa 2018