Behind the Artists Inspiration:

We raise purebred Highland cattle on our farm in east-central Alberta. Our cattle graze on the edge of the threatened northern fescue grasslands. The century old farm is a host to a wide variety of native prairie vegetation and wildlife. We are happy to raise cattle in a manner that is both beneficial for the animal as well as the environment.
That shaggy coat, sweeping horns and signature dossan –there’s no mistaking a Highland. While they can be stubborn; they are smart, calm, curious and gentle. Their maternal instinct is strong and they are generally a very hardy breed. With their temperament and unique look they almost seem custom made for our farm.
From The Brand Owner:
And once more something magical happened and these beautiful Highland cattle found a way to be famous and be a part of the KOUSa vision! We are extremely lucky to have found these local Scottish cattle and working with Jaylyn has been a blessing. Thank you for having us at your farm, it was a pleasure to meet these Highland creatures in person!
*Royalty is paid to the artist every time this design is purchase.
Copyright owned by Jaylyn Etinger, CANADA
Picture Taken At: Czar, Alberta, Canada 2018