Behind the Artists Inspiration: This image is a creation straight out of my imagination and with my metis heritage close to my heart. The long ago Indigenous painted horses have always piqued my curiosity and I have incorporated it into my artwork to showcase my own unique interpretations and visions of them. This photo was taken of one of our quarter horses “Ace” at my family’s home, the Go Hard Ranch which is a second-generation ranch located on the beautiful shore of Chip Lake, Alberta.
From The Brand Owner: We don’t meet people by accident! They are meant to cross our path for a reason. Samantha is an extremely talented photographer with a very unique taste. Her work is inspiring and different. There is just something magical that happens each time she looks through her lens.
*Royalty is paid to the artist every time this design is purchase.
Picture Taken At: Go Hard Ranch, Wildwood, Alberta Canada 2016
Copyright owned by Samantha Callioux, CANADA