Behind the Artists Inspiration: Some of my greatest artwork inspirations come to me when I am on the road traveling Alberta working with clients. I was on my way home and it was a sunny spring day and the snow had yet to melt and I felt this strong urge to find an authentic dream catcher. Not knowing entirely how I would use it in my artwork I found the perfect dream catcher and then felt compelled to make a detour into the mountains of the Ya Ha Tinda, which means prairie in the mountains. My connection to nature and animals can be felt in most of my photography and this day was no exception. These wild horses came right up to me and as I stood and photographed them, I remembered the dream catcher I had just found was sitting in my car. I crashed threw the snow to hang it from a branch that looked like it was perfectly placed just for me and this is the shot that came to fruition.
From The Brand Owner: We don’t meet people by accident! They are meant to cross our path for a reason. Samantha is an extremely talented photographer with a very unique taste. Her work is inspiring and different. There is just something magical that happens each time she looks through her lens.
*Royalty is paid to the artist every time this design is purchase.
Picture Taken At:Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta Canada 2019
Copyright owned by Samantha Callioux, CANADA