Why not have a cushion that empowers you with both options? We are offering you a blanket to keep you warm and comfy, as well as a space to warm up your feet. Once you’re done using it, the blanket is designed to fold back into the feet warmer to become your trendy cushion, perfect for when you want your space to look nice and tidy.

Building a brand is one of the hardest things to do – everything has to be meticulously thought out and planned. Our products are made of 100% quality materials and we are proud to launch our new fall/winter collection. We understand that a brand is not only or even most importantly about the product itself, but rather about what feeling, benefits or emotions it provides its users.

This product was conceived to make people feel their best when they are enjoying some “me time” or when they need to feel loved and warm. Snuggle into a KOUSa™ cushion that is designed to give your body the ultimate comfort.

The first thing we hear from people after explaining how our product works is: “Oh wow this is genius, I need to get one for my friend that’s always cold!” Many call us back to order another one discretely for their partner, as this is the perfect gift. We have other people reaching out to us as they cannot stop thinking about our cushions and they can’t wait to get their hands on one of them. THAT right there is telling us we have done our research right and have invented a product that people want to use and are proud to own.

It is not only about the product(even if it was conceived to be perfect) but about how amazing you feel when you are using it.

We are a local business based in Edmonton, Alberta and we are proud to offer Canadians our new line of products. KOUSa™ cushions has been a registered trademark since September 2017. Our multi-use blanket/cushion has filed for a patent in the US and Canada in September 2018.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting a local business; all our products are fabricated locally with an obsessive attention to detail.

This invention is new to the market, get yours NOW, this is GENIUS.

Social Engagement

For every cushion sold, $0.50 will be donated to BeeCentric Hives (Dustin Bajer) Our way of giving back to the community The powerful connection between us and the honeybees. Our team believes that nature is everything. We figure a healthy nature starts with honeybees as they allow our beautiful flowers to blossom, our delicious fruits and vegetables to grow and our ecosystems to regenerate over and over to feed animals and birds. To help Mother Nature, for each cushion we sell, $0.50 CAD will be donated to BeeCentric hives http://beecentrichive.com/ , a local company that helps save honeybees and plants wild flowers. In support of that cause, all our products are named after flower names. Donation for 2017: Total of $171 was donated to BeeCentric

The KOUSa ™ team

Enjoy what we have created!

Kate Thibodeau
Brand Owner – KOUSa Cushions