1.Custom prints

We’ve got news!!!

We can now proudly say that all of our fabric is designed, printed and sewn at the Edmonton KOUSa studio by a team of talented seamstresses and technicians.

We have been outsourcing our printed fabric since 2017. We have been dreaming about owning our own fabric printer. Having the freedom to easily print without any delays has been a huge deal for us. Now, our creations are made in a matter of minutes and we love it!

Unbeatable Turnaround Times

We are processing all custom orders every Wednesday. You can expect a 2 day turnaround time to a max of 7 days to have your order shipped or ready to pick up. To all the procrastinators out there that leaves it to the last minute, we’ve got your back!!!

What can I get printed?

We strongly recommend using high-resolution image/design. Whether the picture was taken with a digital camera or the design was purchased from a stock image site, the higher the quality the better the print will look.
We can print pictures taken with a quality cellphone but it cannot be a “screenshot” of an image.

• Design custom fabric(loose fabric) – Cotton linen / luxury French velvet
• Custom KOUSa cushions (pillow/blanket), Adult 22″x22″ or Toddler 14″x14″
• Custom cushion covers (Luxury French velvet), 22″x22″ or 18″x18″
• Available soon – Custom pet name on pet beds (Cotton linen /luxury French velvet)
• Available soon – Custom placemats (Cotton linen /luxury French velvet)

How to get started?

Once you know which personalized product you are after from the above list follow these instructions:
-Email Kate at Info@kousa.ca
-Upload your high definition picture(s) to the email
-Explain us your vision and which type of personalized product you are needing. Example, a 22″x22″ pillow/blanket or a 18″x18″ cushion cover..etc
-Make sure the email contain your phone number (we need that for the order sheet processing and we might contact you if we have any questions)

We will receive your file, verify the quality of your image/design and contact you.
*For any custom prints, we ask our customers to pre-pay for their order in full prior to proceed with production.

Every custom order is different, please see below a few creations we had the honor to create.
Nos créations sont toutes différentes, vous pouvez voir ci-bas quelques créations que nous avons eu l’honneur de faire dans le passée.


You have sentimental clothing or just looking to upcycle your favorite piece of clothing into a personalized pillow? We can help!

Sentimental cushions are REAL! We have experienced the power and unconditional love they have expressed and the comfort they have gifted loved ones. Whether they are for family and friends with clothes from a loved one that has passed or for other special occasion, we can help you with your vision. It could also just be for a gift to special someone made of their favorite piece of clothing.

Once you are ready to get started, please follow the steps below:
-Email us at Info@kousa.ca or call Kate at 866-263-8438
-Explain us your vision and which type of product you are looking for. Example, a 22″x22″ pillow/blanket or a 18″x18″ cushion cover..etc
-If you reaching out via email, make sure to include your phone number(we need that for the order sheet processing and we might contact you if we have any questions)
-Pricing will be discussed at that time as every vision is different.

We are looking forward to helping you bring your vision come true.

Every custom order is unique, please see below a few creations we had the honor to create.

I need more help, can I talk to someone?

Call Kate at 866-263-8438
Or e-mail us at info@kousa.ca


Question:Many of our customers have asked about the washing instructions for our custom printed fabrics.
Answer: Given that the reactive dye in the inks actually reacts with the fiber, it actually becomes part of the fiber, resulting in excellent washing fastness. While it is true that the colors will always leach from any fabric, it is very limited with the reactive dye process that we use.You will see very little fading if you wash your fabric in cold, warm or hot water.

Question:I am not from Edmonton and would like some custom pillows. Do you ship?
Answer: Absolutely, shipping will be calculated once we get in the ordering process. We ship across Canada and Internationally.

Question: If I order multiple custom prints is there a discount?
Answer: Ummm good question! If they are all made using the same design/picture, we can see what we can do. If they are all unique then it is harder but we can see what can be done depending on the quantity ordered.