Let us introduce you to our team!

Kate Thibodeau

Inventor and designer of the revolutionary cushion/blanket design, she’s always looking for ways to serve the world and better herself. Continuously learning and achieving a new set of goals is what keeps her on her toes. Even if she’s always busy, making time to enjoy the little things in her life is in her top priorities.

Angie Turner
Metal Snap Specialist

She is funny, loving but most of all determined. Mom of 2 beautiful girls and living the acreage life, Angie installs all of the metal snaps on our blankets. She is able to work from home achieving the perfect work and life balance. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team.

Emilie Legere

Our go-to person for just about everything, Emilie is a passionate and a hard-working mom. She moved to Beaumont, AB from Quebec, in 2007 following her husband. They have started their family and have two beautiful children. They love their life on their acreage and also love to travel as much as they can.

Seamstresses / Helpers
“Production line”

We have had a fair number of seamstresses and helpers contributing to the success of our brand since 2017. From our Studio in Edmonton and our few workers working from home, we succeed finding smart, talented and hard worker to help us make this brand what it is today.

Kayla McColman
Sales Rep/Tradeshow

This lady has saved our lives more than once and she totally deserves a place on our “Our team” page. From helping at the Studio to bringing us food when we are too busy to cook to helping us at tradeshows, there isn’t much she cannot do. If you have visited us at any of the markets/trade shows we have been at, you probably have met her. Thank you for being amazing and for always being there when we need it the most.

Greg H.
Graphic Designer / Printer manager

He loves designing and creating which has brought a breath of fresh air to our team. Greg is originally from Ontario and has been working in the construction industry for the last few years. He loves the outdoor, good food and travelling. Welcome to our team.

About KOUSa™ cushions


A KOUSa cushion is an experience conveyed in the creation of a luxury multi-functional cushion designed to bring you warmth and comfort, along with a touch of enhancement to home decor. Exclusively designed and made in Canada, our line of products exceed all expectations.

Our innovative approach in selecting our designs and fabrics are the secret behind the character of our cushions. A character triggered by the feeling of perfection in every single use.

From an EXPERIENCE our DESIGNS are born.


A blanket can be very pretty when it is strategically placed on furniture; it gives the room a welcoming vibe. There are other occasions when you simply want to tuck it away and have it out of sight.

Why not having a cushion that empowers you with both options? We are offering you a blanket to keep you warm and comfy, and a space to warm up your feet. Once your done the blanket is designed to fold into the feet warmer area to become a trendy cushion. Designed to be your favorite snuggle blanket or when you want your space to look nice and tidy.

Building a brand is one of the hardest things, everything has to be meticulously thought and planned. We came to an understanding that a brand is not only or most importantly about the product but mainly about what feeling it procures people when they are using the product. That’s the secret for a long lasting brand!

This product was conceived to make people feel their best when they are enjoying a “me time” or when they need to feel loved and warm as they snuggle into a KOUSa™ cushion. Ultimately designed to give your body the ultimate comfort.

The first thing we hear from people after we explain them how our product works is: “Oh wow this is genius”. Then they want to buy one for a friend that’s always cold or a family member they love. Or they call us after the fact to order one discretely for their partner in life as this is the perfect gift. THAT right there is telling us we have done our research and have invented a product that people want to use and that are proud to own. They understand how good the feeling will be when they use it and wants to pass it on onto others.

It is not only about the product but about how amazing you will feel when you are using it.    Our creation is your new favorite cushion.

We are a local business based in Edmonton, Alberta and we are proud to be able to offer Canadians our new line of products. KOUSa™ cushions is a approved trademark since September 2017.Our multi-use blanket/cushion has filled for patent in the US and Canada Sept 2018.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting a local business; all our products are fabricated locally with an obsessive attention to detail.

This invention is new to the market, get yours NOW you will fall in LOVE.

Enjoy what we have created!

Kate Thibodeau
Brand Owner