We are now booking for January 2023 as we are now focusing on our main product, our KOUSa pillow blanket.

Camper, RV, Motorhome… Are you doing a makeover or you just want to protect your seats from daily activities WE CAN HELP!!!
You are thinking about it and you are wondering how much it would cost. Here’s an approximate for you.

Regardless of your cushion shape it will cost you $306.00+tx to get your 4 seat and back cushions re-covered.
What are your fabric options? We use water repellent and stain resistant fabric to give you a low maintenance option with an easy-to-clean surface. They will also stand out for their durability without taking away their softness

*We know that some of you will have different size cushions, prior to processing the order we will contact you to confirm the sizes of your cushions.

We are also able to help upholster accessory items such as valences, panels or couches with matching fabric upon request. Let us know at time of order and we can give you a quote.

Campeur, motorisé, camping-car… Vous voulez changer l’intérieur de votre véhicule récréatif ou vous voulez simplement protéger vos sièges de l’usure, NOUS SOMMES LÀ POUR VOUS!!!
Vous y pensez et vous vous demandez combien cela coûterait. Voici une estimation des coûts pour vous

Quelle que soit la forme de vos coussins, il vous en coûtera 306,00$+tx pour faire recouvrir 4 coussins, sièges et dossiers.
Quels choix de tissus vous sont offerts ? Nous utilisons des tissus hydrofuges et résistants aux taches qui permettent un entretien simple et facile de vos sièges. Ils se distinguent également par leur durabilité, sans pour autant perdre de leur douceur.

*Nous savons que certains d’entre vous ont des coussins de tailles différentes. Avant de traiter la commande, nous vous contacterons pour confirmer la taille de vos coussins.

Nous pouvons également vous aider à recouvrir des accessoires tels que des valences, des panneaux ou des canapés avec un tissu assorti, sur demande. Faites-le nous savoir au moment de la commande et nous pourrons vous donner un estimer.

Here’s a few of the projects we have done in 2021-2022

Get a FREE estimate to get your patio furniture cushions upholstered.
We are now booking for January 2023 as we are heading into our busy
KOUSa cushions(pillow/blanket) season.

You remember those UGLY faded cushions you put away last fall. GUESS WHAT … they will be just as ugly when you take them out this spring.

If you are thinking about giving your cushions a new look, give us a call 1-877-263-8438.

*We use water resistant fabric made here in Canada. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. The rule of thumb using this fabric is approximately $60 for a cushion size 24″x24″x6″. That includes the new fabric, new zippers and labor.
*We also use water resistant and UV proof(Sunbrella) quality fabric depending on the customer need.
The rule of thumb using this fabric is approximately $80-90 for a cushion size 24″x24″x6″. This will include the new fabric, new zippers and labor.

If you require new foam/cushions we have 4″ and 6″ in stock.
Turn over varies, ask when asking for a quote.

Let’s get the summer started on the right foot! Life is better when you have a beautiful welcoming patio.

To request a quote please contact us via email Kate at info@kousa.ca or call us at 1-877-263-8438.
Sometimes a little TLC goes a long way. .

Depending on your needs, we will help you choose the right fabric. We have different fabric lines to match your needs.

We are looking forward helping you with your upholstery needs.

Kate, Owner

Here’s a few of the projects we have done in 2022 for your review.


I’m not from Edmonton, can I still get my cushion covers made and shipped to me?
Answer: Absolutely! You can download this form, print it, fill it out with all your measurements and we will give you a quote.
*Form will be available shortly for download