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The KOUSa way

KOUSa™: The versatile, trendy and hybrid cushion in which you can store any blanket or throw.

About us

A blanket can be very pretty when it is strategically placed on furniture; it gives the room a welcoming vibe. There are other occasions when you simply want to tuck it away and out of sight.

Why not having a cushion that empowers you with both options? A blanket to keep you warm and comfy while you are relaxing on the couch, or a cushion where your personal blanket is hidden for when you are having people over and you want your space to look nice and tidy.

Our cushions are made of unique designs to compliment any room. We also thought of designing plain cushions for any room that already looks at its best. The KOUSa™ POD is our first product on the market and we have many more products on the drawing board that are awaiting to blossom, stay tuned!

We are a local business based in Edmonton and we are proud to be able to offer Canadians our new line of products. KOUSa™ is a registered trademark since September 2016.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting a local business; all our products are fabricated locally with an obsessive attention to detail.

Enjoy what we have created!

Kate Thibodeau

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